Clash of Clans 2 fans and estimated earnings if released

The mobile gaming giant Supercell has finally decided to come up with a second part of the mammoth online game, the Clash of Clans 2, or so we hear! This news might be a rumor for all we know, but fans and industry experts are waiting with bated breath for Supercell to give out some kind of a green signal for the Clash of Clans 2 release. Although the last major update by Clash of Clans was during Christmas, there have been minor fixes and events since then. This has not gone down well with most of the crazy COC fans. Most of these avid gamers are now getting tired of the same old format and battles of the Clash of Clans. This means that Supercell will have to do some major refurbishing of the existing format in the original COC format. COC 2 might change all that!

What the fans really want

As is already established, the clash of clans fan base surpasses that of any other mobile game in the history of gaming. However, with the advent of many new games that are all quite similar to the Clash of Clans, what players of the original COC now really desire is an entirely new game based on the same story-line. This is what instigated rumors and announcements regarding the Clash of Clans 2. A second part can do wonders for the slipping ratings of COC and will also initiate more players into the game. The loyalists of Clash of Clans part 1 still sing praises about the classic strategy format and style of this battle game but they also agree to the fact that it is about time something new came up. By ‘something new’, players and fans are now eager to see a whole lot of changes in the style and format of the original game.

Earning potential of a sequel

Clash of clans part 1 has already earned its owners huge revenues in the last few years, thanks to the huge number of downloads from both iOS and Android stores. Never before had a mobile game generated so much excitement amongst players. This addiction to the original game is the reason why experts believe that Supercell will earn in billions if COC 2 is released this year. Fans cannot wait for a sequel to their beloved COC and new potential gamers are already looking out for the release of this exciting game.

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