Clash of Clans 2 improvements and fixes for the fans

Recently, Supercell announced that they might be bringing forth Clash of Clans 2 to the market with many improvements. Clash of Clans was first released in the year 2012 by the mobile app developer Supercell. Although this brand new strategy game first became available exclusive for iOS users, Android soon followed in the year 2013. By 2014, Clash of Clans had spread like wildfire to all corners of the globe, making its presence felt in a major way in the mobile gaming market. Now Clash of Clans 2 is being anticipated by fans across the world. But will a second chapter named Clash of Clans 2 generate enough interest in those who have already played the first? Let’s wait and watch!

The world of mobile gaming is attracting more people than ever before. However, before Clash of Clans arrived in the mobile gaming scene, there were barely any other mobile game that gave so much importance to strategy and planning. Supercell had earlier come up with Hay Day, which was similar to Farmville in its format, but that did not attract as much attention since it was extremely simple and childish (although many said that it was a great way to kill time as well). However, Clash of Clans came and conquered the gaming scene once and for all and now COC 2 seems to be the next big thing.

Clash of Clans 2 Features COC 2 Image.jpg

Clash of Clans 2 Features COC 2 Image.jpg

A sequel to the rescue

The news of a sequel made fans go crazy with anticipation of course. Although, the latest update is that Supercell is just trying to make the original version better with more upgrades and events. They might not be having any intention at all to take on the world with Clash of Clans 2 because they are quite satisfied with the constant popularity of the first part. This may not hold true for much longer though. According to the latest survey, Clash of Clans is now on a declining slope in terms of new downloads. Games like Clash Royale, Empire, Lords and Castles and Samurai Siege have been seeing a steady rise in popularity alongside Clash of Clans. If this trend continues, then Clash of Clans might soon have to bite the dust and struggle for survival in a market that is now flooded with similar strategy games that allow online multi-player communication. In this scenario, a new and improved COC 2 seems to be a lucrative alternative for Supercell.

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New and improved

So what are the new improvements that may be expected from the sequel of the original game? To begin with, many fans are excited about the introduction of ‘sea wars’ in the game. It’s been long that we have seen the game being played on virtual ‘land’. Taking the clan wars to the oceans might be a great change of strategy for Supercell. Also, the troops might need some more interesting characters that exhibit exciting superpowers. Another scope of improvement for the game would be the COC messaging. Online players often complain about the primitive messaging on COC. With an advanced messaging, COC will definitely rise up the ranks again with its loyal fan base.

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