Clash of Clans 2 – Will there be a second installment ?

If you are an avid fan of the Clash of Clans multi-player game, you might already be jumping around in anticipation of good news regarding the release of Clash of clans 2. However, it is with a heavy heart that we have to admit that SuperCell still has not publically opened up about the release dates of Clash of clans 2. Many of you have been speculating about the feature upgrades of the second installment of this tremendously popular strategy game by Supercell. Although there have been numerous upgrades of the Clash of Clans 1, what fans really want now is a brand new twist to the same old game. Now while this may be a tough task for the developers at Supercell (since the extremely high expectations already set by the first installment of this game), many fans have been suggesting some great new features that can totally revamp the first part of Clash of clans. Let us take a closer look at what is expected out of a sequel to this addictive online game.

As we all know, Clash of clans is an online multi-player strategy game that requires the player to coordinate with fellow players and ‘win’ against the opponent team in a ‘face-off’ at the ‘battle-grounds’ of the clans. If you are new to the whole set up, then you might need to go through the basics before you get into the discussion about Clash of clans 2. The original clash of clans is basically a ‘village’ where you need to ‘build’ walls, town halls etc by mining gold and you also get to have your army of barbarians(which are men), archers(which are women), wizards, witches, goblins etc. The best part about this game is that you get to plan and strategize your battles along with a whole bunch of online players. This feature made clash of clans a huge success amongst gamers all over the world. Combine that with state of the art simulations and amazing creativity by the developers, and you’ve got a legendary online game on your hands!

So the main question that is hovering on every COC fan’s mind right now! When are the owners going to come up with a Clash of clans 2? Is there even a remote possibility of that happening in 2017? Well, our guess is as good as yours! However, we take this opportunity to come up with some extraordinary features that would be perfect for Clash of clans 2 (if and when it is finally out!). Keep playing clash of clans till that happens because as a dedicated fan, you know there’s no stopping the battle once it begins right?

Clash of Clans 2 Gameplay Image

Clash of Clans 2 Gameplay Image


Clash of Clans 2 Wishlist Features

Now there are innumerable features that fans like you might have already been thinking of and also be wishing for in the sequel. While the original game is already a big hit with millions of players around the world, some improvements and a twist in the storyline will always be welcome. Let us check out the top five features that we would love to be a part of the much-awaited clash of clans 2.

  1. VR support: Virtual reality is already a phenomenon in the play-station arena and mobile gamers are also getting used to this amazing new technology that has taken the world by storm. VR headsets are now quite common and even come free with some high-end mobile phones. Very soon, even lower models might come with their own VR headsets. In such a scenario, taking the virtual reality route does not seem like a bad idea for COC 2.
  2. Interesting characters: We have all fallen in love with the gutsy barbarian, the agile archer, and the powerful wizard that the original game had to offer. However, it would be great to have some more interesting characters in COC 2. Maybe a flying archer or a unicorn-riding pixie? The possibilities are endless and we simply cannot wait to see what the latest offering from Supercell might be!
  3. Powerful defense: There has always been a murmur about the weak defense weapons of the clash of clans. Whether it is the wall upgrade (which simply takes ages to be good enough for the enemy clan), or the air defense (which also takes too much time to upgrade), the defense has always been a cause for concern for the clash of clans player. With the clash of clans 2 being discussed in such details, a mention of this aspect of the game is essential. Better and quicker defense mechanisms can be a great strength of the Clash of clans 2. Magic nets which fall on an entire mass of attackers? Just a suggestion!
  4. More variety of gems: Gems have always been hard to get in the original game of clash of clans. Although the surprise bounty of gems found along with a rainbow was a great feature of the first part, there have been talks about how difficult it is to acquire gems in the original game. Many crazy fans have even resorted to buying gems with actual money! Such has been the craze of the evasive emeralds in this exciting game. We hope to see more gems and maybe even rubies in the  COC 2.
  5. Unique twist in the tale: Like every great sequel, the clash of clans franchise needs to bring in another great twist in the plot to keep the adrenaline flowing in the fans of the original game. The red barbarian statue (a tribute to World Aid’s Day) has been a great upgrade to the game but there needs to be some serious re-thinking done on the basic game plan. However popular the game might be amongst online players right now, every game has a particular shelf life and with new games being developed every other day, you need to really up your game to stay in the race! Let us hope we get to see much more exciting twists in COC 2.


Clash of Clans 2 Release Date

While the speculated release date for the second chapter of the clash of clans was slated to be declared in January 2017, there is still no news to be heard from the owners. Supercell has not yet come out with any dates whatsoever and has not even confirmed if they are interested in a second installment. Most of the hoopla about a Clash of clans 2 on the horizon seems to have been a rumor that was spread by fans who wanted something new from Supercell this year. Although we cannot take the rabbit out of the hat just yet, there is still hope that the developers will think of more than just the usual game ‘updates’ in the original format of the game.

With the new Clash Royale that borrows heavily from the original ‘clash of clans’ format, many of the die-heart fans have now shifted to this quicker and easier game. Although we cannot really call the Clash Royale the second installment to the original clash of clans, we have at least got something that can take the boredom away while our town halls and armies have been frozen for upgrades! Many people are of the opinion that the clash of clans original has suffered some setbacks because of the infinite time taken for the upgrades to happen. Take for example the upgrade of a town hall for instance. A town hall is the central building in your virtual ‘village’ and upgrading a town hall is important in becoming more powerful in this game. So when your town hall takes 2 weeks to get upgraded, you tend to get bored and thus, shift to other quicker options in the online gaming scene. This is where Clash of clan loses out to other instant gaming apps. To counter this, Supercell should come up with quicker upgrades and push the players to discover newer facets of the game they already love.

COC 2 will be a breath of fresh air in the dusty old battle grounds of the old game. The clashes need to be made more exciting and even more rewarding than before. That is the only way to get the player’s attention back into the game. Although avid fans are still playing the original game with as much dedication as before, there is no doubt about the fact that clash of clans is losing some of its sheen. Like with every other game, software or app, this strategy game too has long surpassed its expiry date with the players. The only reason it is still considered one of the most popular online games is because of the strong fan base this game had developed early on. However, it is only a matter of time before even the most exciting updates cannot bring in new players. In this scenario, an entirely new, re-packaged version of the old game is something that Supercell should definitely think about! So, if you’re a fan too, keep your fingers crossed for the much-hyped Clash of clans 2 release this year!


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